Whizlabs AWS certified machine learning course with a robot hand

Whizlabs review – AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty

Need more practice with the exams? Check out Whizlab’s free test with 15 questions. They also have three practice tests (65 questions each) and five section tests (10-15 questions each). Money off promo codes are below.

For the AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty Whizlabs provides a practice tests, a video course and hands-on labs. These can be purchased separately or together.

Contains affiliate links. If you go to Whizlab’s website and make a purchase I may receive a small payment. The purchase price to you will be unchanged. Thank you for your support.

Free practice questions

screenshot of whizlabs web page with free test
A screenshot of the Whizlabs AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty web page.
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