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SageMaker unsupervised algorithms

There are five SageMaker unsupervised algorithms that process tabular data. Unsupervised Learning algorithms process data that has not been labeled. IP Insights is an anomaly detection algorithm to detect problems and threats in an IR network. K-Means is a clustering algorithm. Object2Vec translates input data to vectors. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) algorithm is used in Feature Engineering to reduce the number of features in data. The Random Cut Forest (RCF) is a general purpose anomaly detection algorithm.

Modeling (Domain 3)

K-Means Algorithm

The K-Means Algorithm is an Unsupervised Learning algorithm used to find clusters. The clusters are formed by grouping data points that are as similar as possible to each other and different from other data points. The distance between data points are calculated and averaged to form groups. K-Means is used for market segmentation, computer vision,…

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Modeling (Domain 3)

Principal Component Analysis Algorithm

Sometimes data can have large amounts of features, so many that further processing or inference can be hampered. When this occurs Principal Component Analysis Algorithm (PCA), an Unsupervised Learning algorithm, is used to reduce the number of features whilst retaining as much information as possible. This is Feature Engineering. PCA has two modes: Regular and…

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Modeling (Domain 3)

Object2Vec Algorithm

Object2Vec Algorithm is an Unsupervised Learning algorithm. The algorithm compares pairs of data points and preserves the semantics of the relationship between the pairs. The algorithm creates embeddings that can be used by other algorithms downstream. The embeddings are low-dimensional dense embeddings of high-dimensional objects. Object2Vec can be used for product search, item matching and…


These SageMaker built-in algorithms all use Unsupervised Learning and so process unlabelled data. Both IP Insights and Random Cut Forest (RCF) are used for anomaly detection. Object2Vec translates data into vectors to be used by downstream processing. K-Means identifies clusters in data. PCA reduces the numbers of features in high dimensional data as part of Feature Engineering.


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