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Ingesting data for Machine Learning

Ingesting data is done in two ways in Machine Learning: streaming data processing and batch processing. This is the first stage of processing data for Machine Learning. Streaming data processing is used when data is continuously being generated and needs to be processed as it arrives. The AWS service for data streaming processing is Kinesis. Kineses comprises four services each with different capabilities and some that can be used together. As well as Kinesis there is another AWS service that can be used with streaming data, MSK. Amazon MSK is Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka.

AWS has two services that can provide batch processing to ingest data for Machine Learning: AWS Glue and AWS Data Migration Service.

Identify and implement a data-ingestion solution is sub-domain 1.2 of the Data Engineering knowledge domain. For more information about the exam structure see: AWS Machine Learning exam syllabus


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