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Exploratory Data Analysis

In this domain the data is analysed so it can be understood and cleaned up. It comprises 24% of the exam marks. Domain 2 is Exploratory Data Analysis, there are three subdomains:

Analysing and visualising the data (subdomain 2.3) overlaps with the other two sub-domains which use these techniques. The techniques include graphs, charts and matrices. Before data can be sanitized and prepared (subdomain 2.1) it has to be understood. This is done using statistics that focus on specific aspects of the data and graphs and charts that allow relationships and distributions to be seen. The data can then be cleaned using techniques to remove distortions and fill in gaps. Feature Engineering (subdomain 2.2) is about creating new features from existing ones to make the ML algorithms more powerful. Techniques are used to reduce the number of features and categorise the data.

When the data is understood and has been cleaned it is ready for the next stage, modeling.

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Sample Exploratory Data Analysis questions

This test is five questions randomly taken from the questions in the tests of the three subdomains.


2 Exploratory Data Analysis

Five questions from a test bank of 30 questions about domain 2, Exploratory Data Analysis.

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The number of variables displayed in a bar chart is <–number–>

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3 / 5

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What is the value range for normalized data?

5 / 5

What does tf-idf show?

Study guides for exploratory data analysis

Two gloved hands holding a antibacterial hand sanitizer gel dispenser symbolising data cleansing
Exploratory Data Analysis (Domain 2)

Data cleansing and preparation for modeling

Understanding data, cleansing data and dataset generation are important first steps in exploratory data analysis. Every other phase in the Machine Learning process relies on the data being cleaned and prepared. This Study Guide starts with statistical techniques used to help understand the data. Once data is understood it has to be cleaned up so…

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