Head and shoulders photograph of Michael Stainsbury, author of www.mlexam.com free revision notes for the AWS Machine Learning Speciality exam

Hi! I’m Michael Stainsbury.

I am sharing my ML learning journey to help others achieve AWS certification success.

I have passed two AWS exams and I am studying for a third, the AWS Machine Learning Speciality certification exam. I work for a major insurance company where I help development teams with AWS needs. Some of my colleagues are Data Scientists, so studying for the ML cert will help me to provide better support. This website contains my revision notes, written up as study guides, to help others to exam success.

I live in Orpington (near London, United Kingdom), with my wife and two daughters. I have 25 years experience in the IT sector and I am a member of the British Computer Society.

Michael Stainsbury BSc MSc CITP MBCS

Why a blog about Machine Learning

The AWS Machine Learning exam is the third AWS exam I have studied for. I have already studied and passed the Certified Solutions Architect and Developer exams and developed a winning studying strategy that I am now applying to the Machine Learning exam. I recently had a clean out of a cupboard where I kept my revision notes. It brought back to me how much effort I had put into passing those exams. The notes were great, but, because they were on paper, not much use to anyone else. So I decided that for the next certificate I would make my revision notes on my PC and share them by posting them on the internet so others can also use them.

Why Machine Learning

Why Machine learning? For me the decision was simple. I moved to a new job where there were Data Scientists that needed support from AWS specialists such as me. To be able to interface effectively with this community I need to be able to understand their requirements and speak their language. The AWS Machine Learning Speciality exam will help me to do my job better.

My study strategy

I have developed a study strategy to pass AWS exams that works for me. We all learn differently, so maybe you will want to use some parts and do others your own way. The important point is to have a strategy. AWS exams are hard, which is why they are valued by employers. If you browse through YouTube and Medium you will find articles and videos by people that passed AWS exams in a few months intensive studying, or even less if the subject was a perfect match with their current job. For those of us who are mere mortals the only way we will pass the exam is through hard work. To do this efficiently and effectively you need a strategy, here is mine:

  1. The Exam Guide
  2. The AWS exam readiness course
  3. Video course from A Cloud Guru
  4. Labs from A Cloud Guru
  5. Exam question practice from A Cloud Guru
  6. Exam question practice from Whizlabs

The diminutive Exam Guide does not tell you much, so read my article AWS Machine Learning exam syllabus to find out what you need to know. Completing the free AWS Machine Learning Exam Readiness course is the first thing you should do. This will give you an overview what what you have to learn. A subscription to Cloud Guru (https://acloudguru.com/) is a must, if you can afford it. Last is the all important exam style questions from Whizlabs. A well as exam questions you can purchase Whizlabs also provide some free questions which are really useful even if you decide not to purchase the full exams.

Video: AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty

This is a 37 seconds long video introducing the AWS Machine Learning – Specialty certification exam from AWS

Whizlab’s AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty practice exams

Practice Exams with 271 questions, Video Lectures and Hands-on Labs from Whizlabs

Whizlab’s AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty Practice tests are designed by experts to simulate the real exam scenario. The questions are based on the exam syllabus outlined by official documentation. These practice tests are provided to the candidates to gain more confidence in exam preparation and self-evaluate them against the exam content.

Practice test content

  • Free Practice test – 15 questions
  • Practice test 1 – 65 questions
  • Practice test 2 – 65 questions
  • Practice test 3 – 65 questions
Whizlabs AWS certified machine learning course with a robot hand

Section test content

  • Core ML Concepts – 10 questions
  • Data Engineering – 11 questions
  • Exploratory Data Analysis – 13 questions
  • Modeling – 15 questions
  • Machine Learning Implementation and Operations – 12 questions

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