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AWS Machine Learning exam readiness course

These Revision Notes are a review of the Exam Readiness: AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty course for the AWS Machine Learning Specialty certification exam. AWS provide this course free of charge. It is billed to test your readiness to take the exam, however together with the exam guide it provides an invaluable measure to what the exam will contain.

To find the course:

  1. Create an AWS training account from here:
  2. Search for: “Exam Readiness: AWS Certified Machine Learning – Speciality”

Course structure

The course goes through each of the four domains and each domain is sub divided into it’s constituent sub-domains. The time to complete the course is 4.5 hours. However if you take notes and spend some time on the sample questions you could spend two or three times as long studying this material.

1Data Engineering3
2Exploratory Data Analysis3
4Machine Learning Implementation and Operations4

The knowledge Domains and sub-domains are described in more detail in the AWS Machine Learning exam syllabus.

Course contents

The course consists of web pages broken up with responsive panels that reveal as you scroll down. There are lots of graphics, so if you are a visual learner this will be a feast. There is a short video to introduce each domain. Each sub-domain also has a list of subjects recommended for further study. At the end of each domain there are a couple of sample exam questions with video answers followed by a quiz.


You should do this course as early as possible in your studies. When combined with the Exam Guide this course gives you the best indication of the breadth and depth of the exam syllabus. The sample questions from this course together with the Sample Exam Questions PDF will give you a good understanding of the type of questions that are in the exam.

Think of this course, not as preparation for the exam, but as preparation for the studying you will have to do to pass the exam.


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