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Amazon Poly


Amazon Polly converts text to speech, allowing you to build speech enabled services. Polly can translate text to speech (TTS) to produce realistic voice messages to which a user can take action, or respond as part of a conversation.

Video: Text-to-Speech with Amazon Polly

A 2.08 minute video from AWS.

Key features of Amazon Poly

  • Two speaking styles are available: newscaster and conversational.
  • Custom speaking, brand, style can be requested
  • Male, or female voice
  • Choice of languages
  • Control over speed, pitch and other characteristics of the voice
  • Custom pronunciation lists

Amazon Poly use cases

  • Content Creation, convert text content into speech
  • E-learning
  • Telephony

Video: Recreating Colonel Sanders for KFC Canada using Amazon Polly Brand Voice

A 22.13 minute video from AWS.


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