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Amazon Lex


Lex provides natural language chatbot capability. It is based on the same technology as Amazon Alexa. With Lex a user can communicate by voice as part of a conversation to achieve their desired goal or intent. Lex analyses what the user says, this is termed an utterance. From a few text examples Lex can understand the many different ways a person can say something with the same meaning. By understanding the user utterance and user intent Lex can choose the appropriate action to take.

Video: Amazon Lex – Quickly Build Conversational Interfaces

This is a 1.56 minute video from AWS introducing Lex and it’s features.

Lex terminology

Lex terminologyDescription
intentAn intent performs an action based on natural language user input
utteranceUtterances are spoken or typed phrases to trigger the intent
slotSlots are data inputs from the user need for the intent
slot typeThe data type of the slot
fulfillmentfulfillment of the original user intent
A table to describe key Lex terminology

Key features

  • High quality speech recognition and natural language understanding
  • Multi-turn conversations
  • Context Management
  • Utility Prompts
  • Integration with AWS Lambda
  • Connect to Enterprise Systems
  • One-click Deployment to Multiple Platforms
  • Powerful Lifecycle Management Capabilities
  • Intent Chaining
  • 8 kHz Telephony Audio Support

Integration with other AWS services

Amazon AI serviceDescription of integration
Amazon KendraAmazon Kendra can provide a search feature to satisfy a user intent. This can identify documents that provide the answers to the users questions.
Amazon PolyIntegrating with Amazon Poly alows Lex to ask questions and give answers in natural speach when a users is interacting through a phone service, rather than text.
Amazon LambdaThe integration with Amazon Lambda allows Lex to trigger computational logic to interface with business systems to fulfil services and invoke actions for the user.
Amazon ConnectLex is integrated into Amazon Connect which is the AWS Contact centre service.
Amazon Chime SDKLex integrates with Amazon Chime SDK which can add audio calling, video calling, and screen sharing capabilities to their own web, mobile or telephony applications.
A table to describe how Lex integrates with othe AWS services.

Use cases

  • Call Center Chatbots and Voice Assistants
  • Application Bots
  • QnA Bots and Informational Bots. These bots help customers with their purchases or other interactions by providing information and answering questions
  • Enterprise Productivity Bots

Video: Introduction to Conversation Design with Amazon Lex | AWS Events

A 27.25 minute video from AWS that describes how to use Lex.


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