Model of a human head showing the areas of the brain thought to be concerned with selfish sentiments which is written in stylised text to symbolize the amazon comprehend ai service which can perform sentiment analysis on text

Amazon Comprehend


Amazon Comprehend is used to analyse text to reveal insights and relationships in unstructured data. The data can be any type of free form text such as emails or text messages. For sentiment analysis Amazon Comprehend can tell you the overall sentiment of the text identifying if it was favourable to the subject, or did it contain negative sentiments and how positive or negative the text was.

Video: What is Amazon Comprehend?

A 1.30 minute video from AWS introducing Amazon Comprehend.

Key features of Amazon Comprehend

Out of the box Amazon Comprehend comes with six search capabilities to analyse documents:

  1. Entities – these can be dates, locations, people, events and other text phrases that identify something or event
  2. Key phrases – a group of words that identify something
  3. PII identification and redaction – data that could identify an individule such as name, date of birth, address
  4. Language – identify the dominant language
  5. Sentiment analysis – understands how positive or negative the text is
  6. Syntax – extract the part of speech for each word

Pre-trained or custom models can be used. The custom models have to be provided with labelled training data. There are three types of custom models:

  1. Custom document classification
  2. Custom entity detection
  3. Document topic modeling

Comprehend Medical is a Amazon Comprehend service pre-trained with medical terminology.

Video: Amazon Comprehend Video Snacks

A 9.40 minute video from AWS describing Amazon Comprehend.

Amazon Comprehend use cases

  • Voice of customer analytics, sentiment analysis to find out what your customers think
  • More accurate search, based on key words and phrases
  • Knowledge management and discovery leading to recommendations of related articles
  • Classify support tickets for better issue handling
  • Perform Medical Cohort Analysis

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