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Amazon AI Services

Overview of Amazon AI Services

AI services are AWS’s premiere value-add services. They are easy to use and incorporate to enhance existing systems or as completely new systems. Because they are services AWS does all the heavy lifting leaving the user to interact with the services without having to set up infrastructure or other supporting services. However this comes at the expence of flexibility. Where this is requires the SageMaker built in alogorithms may be a more appropriate choice.

AI services are discussed in the AWS White paper AWS Well-architected Machine Learning Lens on pages 17 to 21:

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The four groups of Amazon AI Services

There are nine services that can be placed into four groups depending on the medium they process:

  1. Vision: Rekognition, Textract
  2. Language: Translate, Comprehend
  3. Speech: Poly, Transcribe, Lex
  4. Data: Personalize, Forecast
Infographic showing nine Amazon AI Services
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Video: Build Intelligent Apps Using AI Services

This video from AWS is 41.30 minutes long. The first 29.39 minutes are directly relevant to the exam content for sub-domain 4.2, so I recommend you watch the entire video. Here are the timestamps for the contents:

  • 0 Introduction to the three layer model
  • 3.57 Rekognition for images and video, human trafficking
  • 7.04 Textract, Natural Language Processing reference architecture
  • 9.04 Transcribe, Transcribe integration
  • 11.38 Translate, high volume and time sensitive content
  • 13.55 Lex, Book a hotel speech recognition
  • 16.31 Polly, text to speech, Connect, contact center in the cloud
  • 21.46 Comprehend, sentiment analysis, comprehend medical
  • 24.43 Personalize
  • 28.05 Forecast
  • 29.41 Demo by HSBC – Building a Virtual Assistant by Gareth Butler
  • 40.55 Summary
  • 41.30 End
A 41.30 minute video from AWS.

Amazon AI Services

Other AI services

These AI services are mentioned in the AWS Machine Learning Study Guide. However I am unsure if they feature in the exam.

  • Amazon Kendra is a search service that helps you search across different content repositories.
  • Amazon CodeGuru is a developer tool that provides intelligent recommendations to improve code quality and identify an application’s most expensive lines of code.


AWS Certified Machine Learning Study Guide: Specialty (MLS-C01) Exam

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Questions and answers

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4.2 Amazon AI Services

Five questions about Amazon AI Services from a bank of 19 questions. Use this resource to check what you know about the nine AI Services most likely to come up in the exam. Amazon AI Services are from subdomain 4.2, Recommend and implement the appropriate machine learning services and features for a given problem

1 / 5

Which Amazon AI Service would you use to convert speech to text using Automatic Speech Technology (AST)?

2 / 5

Which Amazon AI Service can be used to provide product recomendations?

3 / 5

Is Amazon Comprehend used to analyse text to reveal insights and relationships in structured or unstructured data?

4 / 5

Which two Amazon AI Services process language media?

5 / 5

Which AI service can be used to perform Handwriting Recognition?

Your score is

The average score is 80%


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